Tuesday, March 5, 2013

III: Why having a D800 feels like having a Mac in the 90's

Part III

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My mother bought our first computer, a HP Windows system PC, it was awful, unstable and prompt to all kind of errors, it took longer to get the computer ready to work than the time you took to write your essay. Two weeks after, we returned it and exchanged it for a Mac, like the one on the picture. It was not a popular computer and had less software options than the Windows, but it did what you asked it to and almost never froze. My friends made fun of me and my odd computer but I had more time to play and I was happy. Since then I have been a Mac fan and never regretted it, even tough now every "cool" person has to have one, even if its just to send mail and work with MS Office.

 Now days I feel the same way about my Nikon D800. Everyone is so used to the Canon 5D Mark II that they ask for it or the Mk. III as a camera type. They don't say " do you have a HD DSLR for this project" they say "do you have a Mark II or III for this project" and then comes the long explanation of why the Nikon D800 is better in my opinion and after the project is done, they seem really surprised and happy, because they never thought that the D800 would be such a great camera to work with. I think D800 to them sounds worse than 60D.

So I decide to make this blog, to bring this unknown camera out to everyone. We will discuss, I mean and hope "DISCUSS" is a lot of feedback and opinions, all the ways we can use this great camera, mine is called Lumen, and the pros and cons, advice for and from Professional Videographers and technical details.

My objective for this blog is to help people consolidate information about this camera.
On the next post we will start to discuss technical details about the camera.

Have a great day.

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